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Hey guys, in case you haven't guessed it yet I've been having a little bit of trouble with the next chapter. If you've been following faithfully then you know that I wanted this chapter to be a song fic. However, with writer's block (I could use some inspiration, really) and life getting in the way, my browser has been quitting on me a lot lately. I've been writing on, but when the browser quits on me I lose what I wrote. So I was thinking about moving what I wrote here, so I can work on it here, but it would involve a lot of copying and pasting and I'm not sure I want all that. So what do you guys think?

'Stop staring at her hair! Stop staring at her hair! Stop staring at her hair!' This was the mantra Shining Armor chanted to himself.

"Shining Armor?" her voice cut through his train of thought like a knife.

He shook his head bringing himself back to reality.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I asked if you were hungry. I prepared all your favorite dishes."

"Well I...wait. How do you know my favorite dishes?"

"Shiny, I think we know each other a little bit better than you might be willing to admit." she smirked.

Shining Armor leaned on the counter and gave her a smirk of her own.

"Oh yeah? Prove it!"

"Ask me anything."

'This is perfect! Mom always used to say that a good way to tell if you were in love was if you knew the pony inside and out! Once Cadance sees she doesn't know as much about me as she thought I'll be in the clear!

"Okay," his smirk was still going on strong. "Favorite color?"

"Purple. Same shade as Twiley."

"Lucky guess." His smirk weakened a little bit. "My goal in life?"

"You're living it."

His smirk was shrunk quite a bit.

"Favorite childhood hero?"

"I'm going to say that uncle of yours in the fancy uniform."

The smirk was gone now, all that remained was a straight face.

"Favorite animal?"

"Me. No that was just a joke. The real answer is dogs, because they're so loyal."

"Favorite food?" he was frowning in fear now.

She placed a full bowl on the counter "This tomato soup right here."

'I'm in trouble.' Shining Armor thought while swallowing a lump in his throat.

"Wait...the real answer is my MOM'S tomato soup. Nopony makes it like she does."

"Twiley gave me the recipe," Shining Armor took a spoon and decided to take a little taste. "I couldn't stop myself from adding a personal touch to it though so it may taste a little..."



Putting the spoon back he hung his head in defeat. "It's better than the soup my mom makes. I don't know what you did, but you've improved the flavor."

Cadance felt her heart soar as she failed to suppress her smile.'He likes my cooking!'

"Ya know Shining Armor, I'd be willing to bet that you'd know the answers to all those questions if they were directed at me."

Shining Armor thought for a moment and then stomped his hoof on the ground. 'Darn it, she's right!'

"Well then..." she flipped her free flowing hair and accidentally hit him in the face. "Let's find a table then, shall we?"

Shining Armor stood silently with his eyelids lowered until Cadance was leaving the kitchen. Then he spent the next two minutes spitting out stray strands of Cadance's hair which got stuck in his mouth.

Deciding it was all out now, he turned around to see Cadance carrying the food on a tray with her magic. Reluctantly he found himself staring at her hair again as she walked past him.

'Wow. Has Cadance always been this beautiful? No!! Bad Shining Armor!! Don't go thinking those thoughts!!'

Cadance sat down on the nearest table available and flipped her hair behind herself.

'Still, kind of hard to believe I never noticed her like this before. Maybe it was because I knew her so well it was hard for me to imagine her in this kind of light.'

"Care to join me, Shining Armor?"

The growling in his stomach answered her question for him. "Okay, but don't go thinking this means anything."

"Oh no! No! That's not the point of all this!" she stressed. "This is just supposed to be a nice meal for two. No worrying about the bet or love or any of that stuff. Just two friends having lunch together, does that sound okay to you?"

He sat across from her, giving her a suspicious look. "I suppose."

He patiently waited but nothing happened, he couldn't wait any longer. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to pull something? Some kind of trap or flirt or something that will put me in an awkward position?"

Cadance placed her hooves on her lap and gave Shining Armor a very serious look. "What did I just say? But, to be fair I suppose I deserve that. With all of my advances towards you, you probably think I'm some crazy stalker who only wants one thing."

"Well 'stalker' is a little bit of an exaggeration I should think."

"What I'm trying to say here is 'I'm sorry'. Sorry for acting all crazy with you, the only thing it's done is cripple my own cause. I mean honestly, what part of my plans was supposed to get you to say that you love me?"

Shining Armor gave a cautious smile. "Okay Cadance, against my better judgement I'm going to trust you. Either way this turns out, I still want us to be friends."

The dreaded f word, Cadance was going to have to tread lightly now just to avoid it.

Shining Armor was enjoying the daisy and oats sandwich that was made for him when he suddenly stopped. He pulled out of his mouth a long blonde string of hair.

"Cadance, I have two words for you. Hair. Net."

The only thing Cadance could do was blush sheepishly.

Outside of that though, the meal had gone every bit as swimmingly as Twilight had predicted.  They talked about small things like the weather, recent books read and things like that. It was a genuine good time to be had by all.

Time passed and the food was eaten, Shining Armor couldn't remember a time he had a more delightful meal. He patted his belly fully satisfied while Cadance smiled contently.

'I would be such a good wife!' she thought to herself.

"Well that was enjoyable but we still got a problem."

"Huh? OH! We're still locked in aren't we?"

"Yeah, but I've thought of a solution."

Cadance raised an eyebrow at him. "Really?"

"Eeyup. Just follow me to the door." As he got up he paused for a moment in thought. "Did I just sound a little southern there?"

"A little bit."

"Well I"m never going to do that again. Come on."

At the door Cadance tried the handle but it was still locked, she turned to the object of her affection. "Okay so what's your solution?"

He smirked. "Just hold on to me."

She didn't need to be told twice as she threw her arms around his neck. "I thought you said you weren't going to pull this kind of stuff?!"

"During the meal. But we're done eating aren't we?"

"Sigh! Fine!! Get cozy!!! Won't take long anyways!!"

His horn glowed bright with his magic and in a flash of light he and Cadance were teleported outside in front of the door.

"I didn't know you could teleport."

Shining Armor shrugged nonchalantly. "Turns out any unicorn can get it if they practice at it hard enough. Maybe there are some things you don't know about me after all."

Cadance returned the smirk he was wearing. "And I intend to find them all out."

".......You know you can let go now."

"Yeah. I know."

The stallion rolled his eyes as he politely took her arms off of him and started to walk back to the castle. "Thank you for the meal, Cadance. It was a very nice experience."

If Shining Armor had looked behind himself as he walked he would have seen his little sister showing up next to Cadance.

"You set up the mistletoe?" Cadance's eyes had never left Shining Armor's back.

"All over the castle. Time to go in for the kill. I gotta get back to my friends though."

"That's fine Twiley, you've already helped me so much today. Thanks to you, I know I'll get him!!"

Cadance waited at the Canterlot train station impatiently. Twilight had wrote back to her saying that whatever it was that Cadance wanted to talk about was going to have to wait a while. Cadance had lost more days than she would care to admit waiting for Twilight to get some free time, from the sounds of it she and her friends were having a lot of adventures in Ponyville.

When the train pulled up to a complete stop, Cadance let out a breath of relief. When Twilight exited the train, they spotted each other immediately and ran towards themselves to do their favorite nursery rhyme ritual from their younger days.

"Sunshine, Sunshine, Ladies Bug Awake. Clap Your Hooves And Do A Little Shake!"

They shared a laugh once they finished their funny dance. "I'm really glad you're here Twilight, I could really use your help. I know you said you were busy with your new friends..."

"Boy, I'll say, so much has happened I don't know where to begin!"

"Well I..."

"Let's see, Rainbow Dash won the best flyer competition in Cloudsdale..."

"Oh good for her. Now I asked you to co..."

"I just got a new pet, an owl." Twilight beamed.

"Yes Twilight, that's very nice but..."

"The funny thing is Spike was actually jealous. Can you believe that?" Twilight giggled.

"Really? Poor sensitive little thing. But Anyways I..."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I've been cutting you off haven't I?" Cadance rolled her eyes at the irony. "What was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"I'm in love with your brother!!" blurted Cadance.

Cadance immediately regretted her decision. Her intent was to gradually bring it up in conversation and ease Twilight in to the situation, not to blurt it out like she just did. Heaven knows she thought the world of her brother, in her eyes nopony might be good enough him.

Twilight stood in stunned silence, letting the new information process. After a moment, Cadance started to get worried. "Twily? Are you okay?"

"Oh..." she managed to squeak out.

"Uh-oh. Twilight, I didn't upset you did I?" Cadance frowned.


"Twily, it's okay. Your brother hasn't even..."

"SWEET CELESTIA!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!" Cadance's hair was flown back by the sheer volume Twilight was cheering at. "Eeeheeheehee!!" Twilight giggled as she pranced in place.

Cadance smiled and wiped some sweat from her brow. It was both a relief and a joy to see her so happy with Cadance's feelings for her brother.

"You two make the perfect couple!! He's the most amazing big brother in the world and you're the most amazing foal sitter in the world, it's a match made in heaven!! When did he ask you out? No! Wait! How did he ask you out? Was it romantic?"

"Twilight listen, I know I love him but he refuses to acknowledge that he loves me back."

"What? I don't understand. How could he refuse to acknowledge his feelings? I mean, you're sure he loves you back, right?"

"Oh I'm positive about that, but that's what makes it all the more frustrating. He's being real stubborn about it!"


"He thinks that because of his job, a relationship between the two of us would be 'inappropriate'. Because I'm a princess and he's just the Captain of the Royal Guard. It's like he thinks he'd be committing some kind of treason if he were to even try to love me back."

"What? But why...oh my sweet Celestia! It's a forbidden romance!"


"A forbidden romance! I've read romance novels all about them, oh Cadance you are so lucky!" Twilight gushed.

"I haven't been feeling very lucky lately. You see, Shining Armor and I have made a bet. I have until the day of the Grand Galloping Gala to get him to admit that he loves me back."

"What happens if you win?"

"He will become my very special somepony and we'll get to live happily ever after and one day live in a crystal palace. But if I lose I have to let him go and accept the fact that we can't be together because I'm a Princess."

"Crystal palace? What?"

"Don't ask. Anyways, I've tried everything I can think of but your brother is as sharp as a tact. He sees every attempt I try coming!"

"Well we can't have that! Don't worry Cadance, he won't be able to stop our combined might!!"

Shining Armor was busy going over some paper work when suddenly a cold chill went down his spine. "What was that?" he shuttered.

Deciding that the best way to put it out of his mind would be to go on patrol.

Twilight and Cadance were up in her room where Twilight had found Cadance's Amazing Plan.

"This thing was really formulated, I'm impressed...but I do have some notes."


"Don't get me wrong, Cadance. This was brilliantly thought out..."

Cadance puffed out her chest a little bit in pride.

"But it is way too cliche to work on my brother."

Cadance deflated a little bit. "What?"

"This is my brother we're talking about! If you want to get him to admit his feelings to you and himself then you have to get past his defenses. You have to be original, creative! And I know exactly what we're going to start with!"

Shining Armor's patrol had actually been pretty boring so far, maybe some of his troops were right when they gossiped about him being paranoid.

He was about to consider taking a break when one of the council ponies passed by him. "Sir!" Shining Armor saluted.

The council pony nodded his head to the captain. "At ease. Captain Shining Armor, I just finished collecting a survey from the troops on you. They say you might be a little uptight but that's to be expected from a stallion in the military, outside of that the one complaint they had is that they wish you could do more. Mighty fine job you're doing, keep up good work!"

Shining Armor smiled as he watched the council pony walk away. The council attended to matters in Celestia's place whenever she was too busy with other affairs, so technically speaking they were his bosses. To get praise from one of them was a big compliment to his performance with his duties.

"Okay, after reviewing your past attempts I think I'm starting to see the problem."

Cadance sat on the floor, listening to Twilight as if she were a teacher giving a very important lesson.

"What is it?"

"You're coming on too strong." she said bluntly.

"Excuse me?" Cadance couldn't help but feel a little bit insulted with Twilight's insensitive explanation. "I'm just trying to show him what's in my heart, how serious I am about this relationship!"

"However, that seems to be the problem. You're coming at him with all your feeling all at once and he feels like he has to dodge just to survive. No, what you need is a more subtle approach."

Cadance rubbed her chin in thought. "Subtle, you say; exactly what did you have in mind Twilight?"

"Dinner!" she retorted.

Cadance's face lit up. "You mean like a romantic picnic? Oh that would be wonderful and..."

"Whoa! Dial it back there, I just meant a dinner. Nothing fancy. He's told me he likes to eat in the mess hall alone, so we can probably take advantage of that."

"Dinner for two?"


"Oh! Maybe we could pay Octavia to give us some ambiance and..."

"Nothing fancy!" Twilight repeated.

Cadance frowned. "Then I don't understand. If there is going to be nothing fancy then how is it going to help me get him to admit his feelings."

"What we do is start off with simple conversation, nothing to do with love or the bet. He enjoys talking to you, I've seen it in him since I was a filly. However, this all only to play off our trump card."

"Trump card? What's our trump card?" honestly, with Twilight it could be any number of things.

"You are going to make the dinner! The quickest way to a stallion's heart is through his stomach after all."

" brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?! Twilight, you're a genius!"

"Yes. Yes I am." Twilight beamed. "We can probably get everything ready before Shiny gets down to the mess hall if we hurry."

"It's time to dress for battle then!"

Twilight rolled her eyes as her former foalsitter applied her make up.

"Cadance, you're acting like putting on lipstick is the same as applying battle make up. We're trying to get him to admit he loves you, we're not going to war ya know?"

"War?" Cadance squinted her eyes. "Love is war!"

Twilight giggled. "That sounds like something Pinkie Pie would say."

The growling in his stomach told Shining Armor that it was finally time for lunch so he started to head to the mess hall. They always had the best ration bars in his opinion, always gave a guard exactly what he needed to carry on for the rest of the day.

As he started to draw closer he saw none other than his own beloved little sister waving at him from outside the mess hall.

"Twily," he beamed. "What're you doing here, kid?" He trotted over to her, smiling bigger than he had all week.

"I came to visit, but just for the day. I heard you've been having some lady problems lately."

His grin faded away. "Oh great, word is starting to spread. That's just what I need. For whatever reason, Cadance has decided that we are in love."

"And are you saying that you're not?"

Shining Armor failed to fight back a blush. "O-Of course not! Especially when she just brings out of left field like that!"

Twilight smirked. 'He so totally loves her.' "Were you about to have lunch?"

"Actually yes. Care to join me? I always wondered what a non-military pony would think of our ration bars."

"Sure, but let me ask you something. If Cadance isn't your type, then what is?"

Shining Armor opened the door for his sister as they went in. "It's not that she isn't my type, we just have different political positions."

"Okay but just for argument's sake..."

Shining Armor looked around the mess hall, they were the only ones there. 'That's odd, there should be at least a couple of other guards here.' The meals here are free for them after all.

"Shiny?" Twilight waved her hoof in front of his face to snap him back to reality.

"Oh! Sorry, Twily. I guess my ideal girl would be...well for starters I'd like her to have multi-colored hair. The more the better. Especially if it is just free flowing, natural, not done up in any of those fancy hair styles. Secondly, she would have to be kind and caring, sympathetic to others in need.  And not fat!"


"Well I also want a mare who can take care of herself."


"Being smart would be a plus, I don't want some bimbo. I'd like her to be fun too, in my line of work I could use a mare who knows how to have fun. However, I think most of all I would like her to have is hope."


"This world we live in can get pretty harsh, to have a mare who looks on the brighter side of things...well, that would be exactly the kind of mare I could fall for."

Twilight took a moment to process this information. When she was done she gave a dubious look.

"You just described Cadance." she accused.

"No I didn't."

"Yes! Yes you did!"

"No I most certainly did not."

"You described her to a t!"

"Twiley I don't know what you're talking about. Let's just grab some grub, okay?"

"Fine." Twilight followed him to the counter, her knowing smirk completely missing his gaze. "Whatever you say."

Shining Armor grabbed a tray for both him and his little sister, but the food wasn't pre-made and waiting like it normally was. Shining Armor walked down to kitchen counter to ask the chef what was going on, who he found was not the chef. Who he found was Cadance wearing a chef's hat.

"Cadance?! Where's Chef Iron Spoon?!"

"We gave him the night off." Cadance explained with a smile.

"You can't just...wait...who is 'we'?" he asked before turning his entire attention to his little sister with the sheepish grin. "Twiley...what's going on here?!"

"Oh nothing BBBFF, I just thought it would be nice for you and Cadance to have lunch together..."


"And having her be the one to cook the actual meal, can't really hurt can it?"

Shining Armor blew some hair out of his face and rolled his eyes. "Twilight, I have enough problems with this bet without you getting roped in to them. And you..." He pointed his hoof over at Cadance. "You're a cheater! Teaming up with Twilight on me, she's my little sister for crying out loud!"

"You never said I couldn't use to Twilight to help me!" Cadance folded her arms across her chest.

"That's because I didn't think you would actually resort to it! This was just supposed to be between you and me!"

"But I heard several other ponies got dragged in to helping both sides and..."

"Stay out this, Twilight!" Shining Armor snapped.

"Okay then," Twilight smiled. "I'll just leave you alone to talk to Cadance all by yourself."

"Right...wait! What?! No, TWILEY!!"

However, it was too late; Twilight had made a beeline for the door which she promptly closed behind her. Shining Armor felt himself sweat as he heard the doors lock, and lucky him, he had no idea where the key was.

From the kitchen window Cadance spotted Twilight looking in. A devious smile formed on her face as her horn lit up; surrounded by Twilight's magic Cadance felt her hair become undone. Without it being done up in a ponytail or some other fancy doo Cadance found it was almost long enough to reach the floor. She gave Twilight a quizzical look who mouthed back to her the words 'Just trust me on this!'

Grinning she turned her attention back to the stallion who had earned her affection. He seemed to be on the brink of having some kind of panic attack. She cleared her throat, snapping him back to reality and herself.

"So..." Cadance flipped her hair. "Come here often?"

On this day, Shining Armor had blushed harder than he ever had in his life.


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