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Shining Armor sat at his desk or rather with his chin sitting atop his desk. This was the most he had ever slouched in his seat in the history of his life. A pencil rolled back and forth over his desk as his breath rocked it.

By all means he should be happy, he won after all, but all he was feeling was guilty. He kept telling himself it was for the best but he couldn't shake this feeling of shame. If his mother was here she'd probably make some comment about him being a heart breaker.

"Maybe I should make my rounds, get my mind off of this."

He put on his uniform and left the office to find the Gala already in full swing. He rolled his eyes, it had only felt like an hour's worth of sulking in his office but it must have been much more longer. Ever since his bet with Cadance, his perception of time had been out of sync with the rest of the world, he hated it.

He started his patrol towards the Western Tower, it wasn't often checked by this was precisely why he needed to do it on this night. He took note that he did not see any of his fellow officers out and about, something to possibly reprimand them about later, who else was going to be there should a commotion arise?

Climbing the stairs he saw a shadow move inside the tower room. He snorted determinedly, he didn't know what was going on, but he was going to find out. Upon entering he found none other than Princess Luna leaning on the rail of the balcony, looking down at the ponies below.

"Oh, Princess Luna. Apologies your majesty, I didn't know it was you who was up here."

"Tis fine. Thy name is Shining Armor correct? Captain of the royal guards?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Been hearing a lot of things about thee." Shining Armor frowned. "Fret not, tis good speak. However, I must know, when doust thou sleep?"


"I have seen ye on both the day and night shift. Exactly when does thou have ye free time?"

"Simple. I don't. I work both shifts and sleep when I can."

"And here I thought myself and Tia were the hard workers. I suppose it tis another reason why Miss Mi Amore Cadenza loves you."

"Yeah..." Shining Armor shuffled his hooves sheepishly. "About her..."

"I take it thou regrets turning away her affections?"

"Yes! I mean no! I mean......sigh...I don't know."

Princess Luna said nothing, but sat patiently waiting for him to continue.

"I mean I did the right thing, right? This way her reputation in undamaged and she can rule properly. Do you think it was the right decision?"

"What makes something right is remembering it how it affects everypony as a whole. Not how it affects you, or Cadence, but everypony."

"Well that's what I was doing!!"

"Are thee sure? Perhaps ye should talk with Cadance."


"Yes. She may have a greater understanding of the situation than you might think."

Shining Armor's chat with Luna hadn't made him feel any better about the situation, but he decided to take her advice and find Cadance anyways.

Something was off though, some of the guards and local residents seemed...down? Almost as if the night itself was bitter sweet, a hallowed celebration as it were.

"What is wrong with everyone tonight?"

He came across two guards, a stallion and a mare who saluted him on sight.

"At ease!"

The guards relaxed. "What brings you out here, Sir?"

"I was hoping you all could explain why some of the local residents seem a little ... off tonight. Any idea what's wrong?"

"Permission to speak freely, Sir?" asked the mare.


"It's because you and Cadance were so cute together!" the mare practically whined.

"Excuse me?"

"I think what my fellow guard is trying to say is that some of us were kind of optimistic about your relationship with Princess Cadance. It seems like kind of a shame that the two of you didn't end up together."

"It was for the best."

"The best for you maybe!" the mare snapped only to get elbowed by her fellow guard. "Um, Sir! That is!" she said with a salute.

They just got on thin ice with their Captain, they could see it in his eyes.

"Sir, what I think my cohort is trying to say here is that everypony was happy for the two of you. The two of you deserved each other."

"A pon-Er Princess like Cadance deserves a pony of better stature than just a soldier!"

"Sir, is that what this has all been about? You thinking you're not good enough?" asked the mare.

"Hey! I didn't turn her away just because of me, I did it for everypony! This way I can continue to protect the ponies of Canterlot and foreign dignitaries will continue to think of her in the highest of regards!"

Both guards stared at him silently for a moment until the mare broke the silence. "What?"

"I think he might actually care for her too much."

They looked at each other before nodding in agreement.

"Sir, no matter what you decide, you are still our commanding officer and we will respect your choices...but before you go and decide anything permanent we both ask that you please go and see Princess Cadance."

"I was already searching for her."

Shining Armor had entered the ballroom, if he had to guess where she was, this was it. A crowd was already starting to develop. He didn't see her yet, but he did see the Wonderbolts invite Twilight's friend in to their private party. What was her name? Rainbow Dink? It didn't matter at the moment.

Through the corner of his eye he saw a multi-colored movement which seemed to match Cadance's hair scheme. He turned around only to see the crowd had gotten larger. He did his best to try and cut through it but progress was slow at best. Feeling fed up with the attempt he tried going around only to be met with similar results. He groaned in frustration, he needed to get out of this crowd now, he was just going to have to teleport out, he didn't even care where he ended up.

He lit up his horn and in a bright flash he was gone. It was in the garden that he reappeared in a flash.

The sounds of a dress rustling caused him to turn around where he saw exactly who he was looking for. Princess Cadance.

Shining Armor actually stood speechless at the sight of her. She was as white as a sheet and here eyes were red and puffy, as if she had been crying. What really broke his heart was her frown, as if she had her entire world come crashing down around her.


"Shiny?" she said it with such a horse voice it nearly broke Shining Armor's heart. She quickly cleared her voice. "Ahem. I mean, Captain...what can I help you with this evening?"


There was something about hearing Cadance address him in such a formal way which just seemed to hurt.

"Listen, Cadance I..."

"I'm afraid that's Princess Mi Amore Cadenza to you."

Again, the formalities seemed to hurt. "Listen, about everything...I never meant to..."

"I'm sorry, Captain!" Cadance cut in. "You don't need to say anything! You've already made your intentions quite clear." She turned around held her head high. "I bid you good evening." There was a certain hiccup in her voice that told him she was fighting back the floodgate of tears.

As she walked back in to the ballroom Shining Armor felt as if she was walking out of his life forever. Now completely alone, the gravity of the situation seemed to hit him in full force.

"What have I done? I...oh dear sweet Celestia..."

A stone wall nearby was built to separate ponies just entering the garden from the flowers, so they wouldn't crush them accidentally. Shining Armor found it a good place to lean on. He threw his arms up on top of it, folding them before resting his head on top.

"I...I'm not even worthy of this armo..."

"Ow!! Stop it! You're hurting me!"

Shining Armor's head snapped up as he recognized Cadance's voice instantly. He practically threw himself away from the wall and galloped back in to the ballroom in the direction he thought he herd her. Perhaps faster than he meant to, he was already entering the ballroom searching for Cadance.

Cutting through the crowd turned out to be much easier than he thought it would be. It was over at the buffet table where he found her being poked and prodded by some foreign dignitary. He could tell by the fancy sash he was wearing.

"Oh come on, now." the dignitary started. "All I'm asking for is a simple feather so I can show my friends back home I met you."

Cadance clearly didn't like the way this guy was treating her, but if she wasn't careful about how she got him to leave her alone it could turn in to a diplomatic nightmare.

"Maybe you can't see who I am through those puffy eyes of yours but I am the ambassador to Istan-Bull so I think an alicorn feather would really help impress the dignitaries."

"I don't think you should have to rely on a feather from me to do your job!"

"Well considering how awful you look tonight I don't think a feather is too much to ask. I mean come on, I thought royalty cared about how they look; don't you know how you're looking in front of everypony? You're a mess! I mean you're supposed to represent the royal family and you don't even care! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..."


The stallion stumbled back hitting the window wall holding his nose. "You jerk!! I think you broke it!!!"

Standing between him and Princess Cadance was Shining Armor with his hoof outstretched. "I hope I did!! You deserve it for harassing her!"

"Excuse me?! I am the ambassador to In..."

"Then you shouldn't need to harass the princess to do your job!" Shining Armor cut in. "How dare you treat Princess Cadance in such a way?! Exactly what makes you think it's okay to treat her this way?!"

"Calm down there, 'soldier'." the ambassador rubbed his nose. "All I was asking for was a feather. If she can't give me just one little feather for the sake of peace then..."

"I repeat myself; You shouldn't need to harass the princess to do your job!! Cadance deserves better than this!! I have more than half a mind to lock you up for this behavior!!"

"And why should you care?!"

The sudden question seemed to catch Shining Armor off guard.

"What do you mean?"

"Last time I checked the grape vine, you went through this big bet with her to prove you DIDN'T love her! Are you saying now you do?"

With the spotlight suddenly on himself, Shining Armor couldn't help but feel nervous. He steeled himself though, he knew what he had to do.

"Yes I love her!!" He took a moment to calm down but retained his serious composure. "I have always loved her. From the first moment I saw her, I loved her. However, because she was a princess I put her on a pedestal high above me so I wouldn't end up getting hurt, but then I grew up. I not only achieved my dream but I excelled at it to the point of promotion, so when Princess Cadance came to me with an offer of a relationship, I'll be honest, despite how I made myself look, I was happy about it."

Cadance's jaw had dropped as soon as Shining Armor had stepped in. And now, as she was absorbing this new information, color started to come back to her face.

"I turned her away though. As the Captain of the Royal Guard it was my duty to protect the Princesses from all threats, even threats to their reputation, even threats that came from dating a subordinate, threats from myself. I ignored my feelings for her thinking we would both be able to move on with our lives when everything was over but I was wrong! It isn't something either of us can ignore, I thought I could snipe our relationship before it even began but it was useless. We're already connected..." he turned to look at her.

"Cadance, I'm sorry. I thought I was protecting you, but all this time I was actually hurting you without even knowing it. Do you think you could ever forgive me?"

Cadance, while having regained color, had not moved one inch one way or the other.


He waved his hoof in front of her face but she still didn't move.

"Cadance?! Speak to me!! Snap out of it! React!!! Come on, get happy! Get mad! Get something other than stone cold paralyzed!!"

He was about to shake her in desperation when Cadance suddenly shot out and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed back, passionately. This seemed to lead to an uproar in applause from the ponies around them.

When they finally broke off the kiss Shining Armor was surprised to see Cadance laughing while tears streamed down her face.

"Cadance? What's wrong?! Why are you crying?! Why are you laughing?!"

"I'm just so happy!!" she threw her arms around him and sobbed happily in to his neck.

He hugged her back even as an odd commotion started behind her. It looked like Twilight's friend Rainbow Dash had caught a statue only for it to break in two. It was a very odd scene. Of course this was all before a pink pony catapulted a cake in to the air and on to Prince Blueblood's date, who proceeded to shake it all off in his direction in an attempt to get him dirty. Didn't get much weirder than that...or at least that's what he thought.

Then the doors were kicked open as an array of wild animals stampeded in. This caught Cadance's attention as well but she never did really let go of Shining Armor. As the dust cleared a yellow Pegasus wearing a green dress panted out of breath as she frantically looked around the room for the animals.

"You're... going... to LOVE ME!!!"

"NO!!! HE'S MINE!!! I JUST GOT HIM!!! YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!!!" Cadance shouted back as she cuddled Shining Armor protectively.

Whatever chaos was being ensued seemed to be put on hold at this counter outburst. A small bit of laughter cut through the silence as Princess Celestia appeared next to the new couple.

"Cadance, I hope you don't mind but I was wondering if I could borrow your new boyfriend to organize a clean up for the recent disaster."

"Oh! Um Aunty...sure."

The ruler of Equestria beamed at this news. "Excellent! Now if you excuse me, I need to have a little 'chat' with a certain ambassador to Instan-Bull."

As Shining Armor left Cadance, after a promise to hurry up the job and spend as much time as possible with her after, he was greeted with lots of congratulations and pats on the back. He grinned, just as he was about to think all his worries were in his head he spotted the council ponies, they didn't seem happy. They whispered amongst themselves and then departed. Shining Armor frowned.

One week later...

Cadance couldn't have been happier. Now that she was dating Shining Armor, her life was exactly the way she thought it would be. She and Shining Armor were spending so much time together they were hardly ever seen apart. However, every now and then she did hear whispers of rumors, surprisingly enough they weren't about her like Shining Armor thought they would be. No. They were about Shining Armor.

They were usually things  like  'I bet he used his relationship with her to get his job'. Cadance didn't pay it any attention though, she had Shining Armor and that was all that mattered.

She walked in to her living room and found Shining Armor waiting for on her couch like usual. She sat next to him and he put an arm around her. She sighed contently.

"Shining Armor, I was thinking maybe we could go on a picnic at the private garden on Wednesday."

"I'm afraid I won't be able to make that Cadance..."

"Huh? Why?"

"You see, that's the date of my court martial."


Cadance: The Shining Armor Chaser p11
Sorry about the wait everyone, but I'm almost done with this story

Princess Cadance was absolutely miserable. She had been spending the entire day in bed getting acquainted with her new best friend, a tissue box. Her nose was runny and her cough was killing her, her head was pounding which was only as half as bad as her chills...hence why she was wearing her favorite pink bathrobe. One would think she'd be spending it alone but not quite, Shining Armor, her white knight, had come to return the favor she had given him...except the situation was exactly like the one before...

Cadance glared at him from her bed while he sat in a chair next to her reading a magazine.

"Say you love me!!" she snapped.

"No." he replied in a bored tone.

"Say you love me!!"


"Say it!"


"Say it!!"


"Say it!!!"


"As a royal princess I COMMAND you to say it!!"

"Your aunt says I don't have to obey any commands from you when you're like this."

"Aw shoot!"

"Now lay down and get some rest."

"Well I could do that..." a mischievous glint shined in her eyes. "Or I could give you a surprise snuggle!"

She threw her arms out to wrap around Shining Armor and bring him close. She felt a sense of victory as she hugged him...who was a lot softer than she expected...and smaller...and had button eyes...this wasn't Shining Armor.

She looked down at her childhood teddy bear and then back at Shining Armor whom seemingly hadn't even moved from his chair.

" did you..."

"Cadi, you have a fever. Your aim isn't quite as well as may think it is."

"That's one possibility, the other is that you are a secret ninja who works for the good of Equestria!"

Shining Armor rolled his eyes. "Does this have anything to do with crystal palaces?"

"I don't know..." Cadance placed one hoof on her hip and pointed the other at Shining Armor. "You tell me!"

"If I was a real ninja you'd be asleep by now."

"Or maybe that's just what you want me to think."

"Cadi, you're delusional. It's the fever. Now please lay down..."

Instead of laying down she merely smirked at him. "You caaaaaaaare...♫"

"Oh for the love of..."

He placed his hoof on her forehead (mining the horn) and carefully pushed her back on to her bed against her pillow.

"Ha!! It will take a lot more than a really soft pillow...and a cozy bed...and...I'm just gonna rest my eyes for minute but don't think I'm not done!"

In a couple of seconds she was sleeping peacefully and Shining Armor let out a breath of relief.

"I hope you have some sweet dreams. I honestly mean that."

'Sweet' might not have been the correct word to describe the dream she was having. No, just like Shining Armor, she was having a sort of fever where she was a gunslinger of the old west.


From out of a building came Shining Armor dressed as an old western sheriff.

"I thought I told you to take your feelings and scram!"

"My feelings belong with you, but more importantly..." she steeled her gaze. "They deserve to be reciprocated!"

Shining Armor steeled his gaze as well. "This town aint big enough for both our desires."

"Then I guess one of us is going to have to give in!"

A tumbleweed passed between the two of them as they stood adjacent to one another.

"DRAW!!!" shouted Shining Armor.

Cadance quickly blew a kiss at Shining Armor before he could move. He clutched his heart as the kiss allegedly connected and fell down.

Staring at his not moving form Cadance started to grow concerned. "I've heard of a kiss of death but this is ridiculous!"

Cadance's head swam a little as Shining Armor propped it up. "Sorry to wake you sleepy head, but you need to eat too. However, it seems I'm going to have to feed you."

She smiled at him. "I'm not complaining, Sheriff."

"What'd you call me??"

"Don't worry about it. What'cha got for me?"

"Just some soup." He pulled up a tray from the floor which had a bowl of soup on it.

"Like the soup I made you?"

"Nah. It's just regular tomato soup." He placed the tray on her bed and used his magic to levitate the spoon.

He spoon fed her and she quietly ate it. Not a word was said between the two until it was all gone.


"Yes Cadi?"

"I'm....sorry, for chasing you everywhere and pulling all these tricks on you. I'm just...I don't know...scared."

"Scared?" Shining Armor put the tray back on the floor. "Scared of what?"

"Losing you I guess. Shining have become an important part of my life. I started to realize this when you left to pursue your dream, at first I thought I was just missing my friend. However, the more I thought about you the less platonic those thoughts got, and then one day it just hit me. Shining Armor...I'm in love with you. You can keep saying that we can't be together because I'm a princess or because you're a captain but none of that will ever change the fact that I love you."

Shining Armor looked at her as if it he was really seeing her for the first time. He hung his head, his darted as he searched for an answer, finally he rose his head with a look of the utmost focus on his face.

"Cadance, listen...maybe, if things were different I..."

The sound of snoring cut him off as he saw that the majestic Princess Mi Amore Cadenza had fallen asleep sitting up. He couldn't help but smile at the sight, her mouth was open and drool was starting to escape. Somehow he found the whole scene adorable.

He tucked her back in, wiping the drool away.

"You'll see Cadance..." he walked to the door giving her one last look before leaving. "It's better this way."

Cadance sat up in bed and gave a big stretch. A smile graced her lips. "Wow, I feel great!"

She jumped out of her covers and shook all her joints loose. Her time in bed came flooding back to her, how she confessed to Shining Armor. She smiled. "Things are probably going to be easier now. If I play my cards right I bet I could get him to confess by tomorrow."

She left her room and started to travel down the hall. Looking up at the ceiling she saw the mistletoe Twilight hung to be missing.

"I guess Shining Armor finally had them taken down. Oh well."

Upon a second look she could see that decorations hanging up. "Shining Armor must have cracked the whip on preparations. There literally isn't anything left to set up."

Turning in to a corridor she saw her two friend chatting...but they were in their Gala dresses.

"Hey gals..."

"Oh Cadance! We were just about to visit you."

"How are you feeling? Are you holding up okay?"

The concern on their face was a little confusing. "I'm feeling much better now, but what's with all the decoration? The Gala is still days away. And why the dresses, are you getting them fitted or something?"

Her two friends shared a concerned look.

"You might want to sit down, Cadance."

It was a little unusual but Cadance sat on the floor like her friend requested.

"You better brace yourself Sweetie, because I don't think you understand how long you've been out! The Grand Galloping Gala is tonight!!"

"What?! It only feels like I've been out for an hour! How long did that fever have me?!"

"Well Shining Armor was able to shake it off in a day because he's a military pony. He's sturdier, built to take it; you on the other hand,'re a princess. You were built to rule not fight."

The room started to spin as the gravity of the situation set in. No wonder she was asked to sit.

"We're sorry, Cadance. We know what this means for you."

It felt like her heart was breaking, it took everything she had to fight back the floodgate of tears.

"It means..." she fought back a sob. "It means I lose!"

Cadance: The Shining Armor Chaser p10

Sorry about the lack of update everybrony. The honest truth was I just wasn't feeling very inspired. I can offer no excuses only an apology. It's actually pretty ironic since I'm almost done with this story.


Dr. Amora was busy working at her desk filling out some paperwork. Her desk was always stationed just outside the medical wing so she would always be near by even when doing paper work. She would probably be done with it already if it wasn't for one thing...Princess Cadance. She caught the alicorn three times trying to take care of Shining Armor in some kind of nurse's outfit she got from Celestia knows where. But that wasn't the odd thing, oh no, the odd thing was she kept trying to move him out of the room bed and all.

The last time she saw her, she gave her a firm warning about how all this commotion was probably only going to make his health even worse. Dr. Amora was confident she got through this time because Cadance even left her nurse outfit behind. And now, at long last, she could focus on her paper work.


"Tell me I didn't just hear that..."


She let out a loud sigh as her eyelids lowered halfway. "Put him back!!" she said loudly enough for her 'intruder' to hear.

"But..." came a quiet voice.

"JUST...Put. Him. Back!"

Dr. Amora got up out of her desk, grumbling something under her breath which sounded like "I swear these two are going to be the death of me."

Into the med wing she found Princess Cadance behind Shining Armor's bed looking quite sheepish. Shining Armor was still in the bed snoring blissfully ignorant of the goings on.

"Really Cadance? Again?"

"Sorry...But I just know he'd be able to recover faster if he was in a familiar environment.... Like his room?"

Dr. Amora shook her head, the Princess was acting like a teenager who just took her parents chariot out for a joy ride without their permission. Most likely hoping not to get another ear full, pity it didn't work.

"Oh you 'know' huh? I spent twelve years in medical school but I guess I just don't 'know' about these things!"

Cadance visibly shrunk.

"I am the medical official here, so I think I know about his healthcare needs better than you! Understand?!"

"Yes, Ma'am." Cadance hung her head like a child being scolded by their parent.

"Listen, 'Your Majesty'..." Dr. Amora sighed. "I'm starting to get worried about you too."


"You're starting to show the same symptoms Shining Armor did when he came in for a check up. Seems you've also been effected by this little wager you've set up." She started to circle Cadance, examining her. "Although definitely to lesser're less pale than he was for starters and unlike him you're actually up and about. However, the level of stress is still there without a doubt and..."

"Um excuse me?" Cadance cut in. "But I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Stress, Hon. Your constant chasing him around never gave him a chance to relax and now he's paying for it. And by the looks of things it seems like you're having the same problem. Honestly, the two of you need to learn to just take a deep breath and calm the buck down."

This new information came to Cadance as quite a shock to say the least.

"Wait! Are you trying to tell me that he got sick...because of me?!"

"Well..." Dr. Amora paused in thought, trying to see if she could find the right words to put it delicately. "More or less." so much for delicately. "But it isn't like he helped."

"Then don't you see?" Cadance put her hooves on Dr. Amora's shoulders. "I have to be the one to nurse him back to health!! It's my fault!!"

She opened her mouth to retort but closed it when she saw a guard poke his head in to the room.

"Um Ma' have some new patients."

"Sigh. Let me guess, more victims of that hug tackling trend?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Figures. Alright, How many of them are there?"

"All together, there's twenty four."


"They came in groups of two Ma'am."

Dr. Amora facehoofed, which was actually hurt quite a bit considering she had hooves not hands. "Of course they did." Even though her eyes were closed she could feel Princess Cadance grinning at her ear to ear with hope.

"Grrrrr...ALRIGHT!" she turned quickly to the princess. "FINE! You can take care of him, but only because I'm going to need every bed I got just to treat these new patients! Get some guards to carry him on  gurney up to his room while I tell you exactly how you're supposed to treat him."

Outside Shining Armor's door, Cadance was mentally prepping herself for the task ahead. Dr. Amora had told her exactly what she needed to do and even gave back nurse's hat saying something about how 'less is more'. However, Cadance was still feeling guilty over the fact that Shining Armor had gotten sick because of her.

"But that's okay." she said to herself. "Because I am going to set everything straight..." she started to open the door. "Starting right now."

"LOOK OUT A CHANGELING!!" Shining Armor shouted.

Cadance only had a fraction of a second to duck as Shining Armor's alarm clock soared over her out and out through the window.

"My poor Darling is delirious!"

Shining Armor squinted his crusty eyes. "Cadi? Is that actually you?"

"Yes, but please don't worry!" she said quickly. "I'm not here to flirt or anything like that, I"m just here to help."

Shining Armor stared at her, as if trying to figure out if it was a trick or not. After a moment he laid back down on his pillow. "Okay, but I'm still not going to marry you, because if I do then THE DRAGONS WILL COME AND KILL EVERYBODY!!"

"Dragons? What? Never mind." she started to wheel in a cart filled with towels Kleenex boxes and various other medical things. "Just try and relax."

She took a towel and wiped some of the sweat off of his face.

"I don't want to live in a crystal palace either." he announced. "I mean with the exception of diamonds, crystals are actually pretty fragle...fragger...fragiiiine...they break easy."

If she wasn't so concerned about him she might have found his slurring humorous. She started to dampen a washcloth in the bathroom sink giving him a nod to continue. He was sitting up now to try and emphasize his point, well at least he was trying to sit up, he was slumping forward leaning to the left.

"I mean what if somepony decided to throw ROCKS at it?! We...we'd be homeless...that would suck!"

She left the bathroom and forced him to lie down. "I could handle any trouble so long I had you by my side." She placed the cloth on his forehead which must have felt nice he started to smile.

"Why did you have to be so lovely?"

She returned the smile. "Because I had a wonderful stallion in my life."

"...wait...did we just flirt?"

"No Shiny, you complimented me and I flirted."

"Oh...well that's okay then."

"Now get some rest and I'll make you some soup."

"Tomato soup?" Shining Armor asked with hope in his voice.

"Vegetable soup."

"Aww..." his ears dropped back in disappointment.

"Sorry, Shiny. Doctor's orders. For now, try to get some sleep."

As she got to work on his soup her thoughts couldn't help but go back to Shining Armor. She couldn't help but feel guilty, he was sick and it was her fault. The very least she could do was try to help him get better. Yet as she put the finishing touches on the soup, she felt as if she were his wife or something, a thought which put a smile on her face.

She came back in to the room carrying the soup but there was no Shining Armor to be found.

"Oh no!! Shiny disappeared!! Even when he's sick he's a ninja."

"I did not disappear!!" cried Shining Armor.

Cadance searched the room for her patient but he simply didn't seem to be there. "Shiny? I hear your voice but I don't see you..."

"That's because I'm on the floor! I...I fell out of bed."

She went to the other side of the bed and, sure enough, there he was. His arms were spread eagle and his chin was resting his head on the floor, his right leg seemed to be tangled in a twist of the bed sheets. She placed the soup down and started to help him up.

"How did this happen? I left you laying down!" She asked as she helped him back in to bed.

"Well I sat up to see what you were doing and then the whole room started to spin and...Ah-Ah-AHCHOO!!!" Cadance wished she hadn't been within range when he sneezed but the sad fact of the matter was she all too close. A string of snot was connected from his nose to her hair.

"Sorry..." he said sympathetically.

Cadance failed to stop a full body shudder of repulsion. "Don't worry about it." 'Nopony ever said love wasn't going to be messy. Memo to self, see if a spell exists which can protect one against germs and other bodily fluids.' "Now lay down and I'll bring you your soup."

At first he did as instructed but when Cadance tried to spoon feed him he sat up. "I can feed myself Cadance."

"Fine then." Cadance said perfectly calm. She placed the bowl on his lap and waited patiently for him to begin.

Shining Armor made a grab for the spoon...and missed entirely. Looking at the piece of bed he just grabbed he commented "That's not it." He made another grab for the plastic spoon but his hoof ended up on the other side of the bowl while his target continued to be placed on the center rim of the bowl.

"Would you like some help?" Cadance offered.

"One more chance." his voice cracked. "The spoon is white so it blends in with the sheets. Now that I know where it is, I have a better chance of getting it."

He reached his hoof out just as his head started to swim, he thought his arm might have went too high but he knew he grabbed on to something. As his head started to clear he saw he had a firm grasp of Cadance's nose.

He took his hoof off of her quickly. "Sorry!" he blurted out.

To his surprise her only response was giggle which for whatever reason made him blush.

Shining Armor was not stupid though, it was stupidly clear that he needed help. And no matter how much pride he had as a captain, he always made sure he had the ability to swallow it just for occasions like this."

"Cadi..." he averted his gaze away from her. "Would you mind...feeding me?"

"Gladly." her voice seemed to radiate a peaceful aura which for the first time Shining Armor found to be soothing.

After that she spoon fed him his soup with her magic. Neither saying a single word during the feeding. When the soup had been successfully consumed she laid him back down on his back.

"Now that you've eaten your soup, you have to get a good night's rest. The Doctor says as long as you do that then you might be better in the morning."

Shining Armor at first didn't say anything, Cadance assumed it was because he looked like he was about to doze off, but as she started to leave she heard him say "Cadi?" She stopped in his doorway. "Thank you."

Smiling she closed the door behind her, only to let out a loud sneeze.


Outisde Shining Armor's bedroom, laying in a heap on the ground was none other than the ruler of the Changelings, Queen Chrysalis. A large bump was starting to form on her head very nicely, it was already threatening to become longer than her own horn. And while she was starting to see birds and stars circling her head in the sky, on the ground was Shining Armor's alarm clock completely smashed.

It was supposed to be a simple recon trip. Infiltrate Canterlot, find sources of love, then move back to hive and start a plot to invade. Naturally she had heard of the commotion going on between Captain Shining Armor and Princess Cadance so she deemed it worth looking in to. However, when she went to investigate... WHAMMO!!! She took a flying alarm clock to the melon, courtesy of Shining Armor. Only one question raced through Chrysalis' mind.

"How did he know?!"

Cadance: The Shining Armor Chaser p9
This chapter was more work then I was aiming for. I hope it was worth it.



Shining Armor groaned to himself. The huge stack of paperwork on his desk just didn't seem to get any smaller, if anything it just seemed to get bigger...which was odd...

Taking his pencil he gave the huge stack of paperwork an experimental poke. It was at this moment that the door to his office was kicked in. Through the cluster of floating paper in the air he saw Cadance standing in his doorway dramatically pointing a hoof at him.

"I'm going to love you!" she declared.

"Aaaaaagh!!" he screamed.

"And there is nothing you can do to stop me!"

"AAAAAAAAAAGGHHHH!!!" he screamed louder.

Shining Armor took off a like a shot, right through the back of his own window. Which, for some reason didn't hurt him, he didn't even feel it.

Shining Armor was now running through a black void, straining his body to escape his pursuer. His body begged him to stop but he forced it to keep moving anyways. Sweat poured out through him in a desperate attempt to cool down his body.

"You can't run forever, Shiny." Princess Cadance called out.

He made the mistake of looking over his shoulder to see that she was much closer than he thought. The eerie thing was she chasing after him with rather stiff legs, almost as if she were mechanical. He started to run faster.

"You cannot outrun me Shining Armor. I have wings!!"

Her wings were unfolded but she still seemed as stiff as a board, she was in the air but was more like she was being held up by some invisible force rather than using the power of flight.

Just as she was about to collide with him when a bright light engulfed his vision. When the light finally cleared Shining Armor was in a round room, he seemed to be surrounded by giant wooden structures which reached high in to the lights.

"Captain Shining Armor!" boomed a voice from above. Shining Armor squinted in to the lights to try and make out who said that, but due to the lights all he could make out was silhouettes of four maybe five ponies. "You stand before this council accused of fraternizing with one of our political figure heads."

It was then he recognized the voice, it was one of council member ponies. This was a court martial!

"Sirs, please! I beg of you to listen to me!! I tried to talk her out of it but..."

"Oh let me guess..." another voice cut in. Definitely another council pony. "'She came on to you.' How convenient for you!"

"What else could I have done?! If I were to just up and break her heart..." Shining Armor tried to plead but it fell on death ears.

"You could have just walked away!" the third voice snapped. "You could have just ignored whatever feelings you had and just continued your job anyways! You could have done anything but lead her on!! But noooo, not you, you had to act on those feelings! And by doing so you have betrayed your country, your comrades, and everything you were supposed to stand for!!! I hope you're happy!"

"No!! It wasn't like that!! Please, let me explain!! I..."

"We've heard enough!" a fourth voice snapped. "Shining Armor, this council has found you GUILTY of crimes against Equestria and it's ponies. Your position as Captain of the Royal Guard is hereby revoked, and you are banned from every form of military in Equestria."

Shining Armor shook his head in disbelief. "This can't be real!"

"But it is!" the first voice snapped. "We are all very disappointed in you Shining Armor. You're a disgrace to all who wear the armor."

The sound of a door creaking open behind him caused him to turn his head. Behind him were in fact a set of double doors, they seemed to be opening on their own but there something eerier going on. A red glow was coming from the opening, he pushed it open to investigate and was greeted with sight certain to haunt him for the rest of his days.

The city of Canterlot was on fire. Dragons were raiding the city, raining down balls of fire from the sky.

"This is just dreadful!" a voice said next to him.

He turned to see none other than Princess Celestia herself, watching the scene in horror. "If only there was a way to stop all this."

"Princess Celestia!" cried Shining Armor. "If you let me put up my protective spell I..."

"You can't do that, 'civilian'. Only members of the guard can defend and protect us."


"That dragons do have a pony ambassador, and if had a princess around his age to marry him as a peace offering it might stop this carnage but the closest we have is Princess Cadance."


"But I shouldn't have to explain that to you should I?" she snipped. "After all it you who dragged her name through the mud, making her look like a slut to the rest of the world! Thanks to you, all of our allies have cut ties with us after seeing her behavior. They want nothing to do with us because of her affections towards you."

"N-No! That can't be true!"

Celestia turned away from him in disgust. "I had expected better from you! Take a good look Shining Armor, because this is all your fault!!"

Shining Armor needed to say something, do anything that could make this situation turn out all right. However, before he could come up with a solution, a giant dragon swooped down on him with it's flaming mouth open to swallow him whole.


Shining Armor bolted upright from his bed in a sitting position. Cold sweat poured down his body, he panted out of breath.

"A dream? It was all a dream?"

He looked out his bedroom window to see the rays from Celestia's morning sun shining in. He made his way over to his bathroom, he needed to splash some water on his face.

The cold water felt good, like it was finishing a job his sweat just simply couldn't accomplish. He looked up from the sink to get a good look of himself in the mirror, he didn't like what he saw. He was pale, his regular white had gone to an egg whit which was hardly ever a good sign.

"Am I...Am I catching a fever?"

There was only one way to be absolutely sure.

"Now say 'AAAAAAHHH'." Doctor Amora instructed.


She took her wooden tongue depressor out of his mouth and shook her head. She moved over to her counter to write in her medical report.

Shining Armor sat on the medical table, he had been wearing a hospital gown.

"Well, Doc?"

"Yes I'm certain of it. This is from stress. You need to relax or else your body is going to quit on you!"

Shining Armor frowned. "I admit. I've been on edge lately, relaxing has become...a bit of a challenge."

"Challen...? Wait a second!! Does this have anything to do with that princess that's been chasing you around everywhere?!"

"Um...kind of...and by kind of I mean exactly."

"Oh for the love of..." Doctor Amora buried her face in her hooves. "Would you just admit you like her back already and save everybody the trouble?!"

"But the time of the bet is almost up! I got two days left, three tops!"

"And why is it so bad for you to return those feelings anyways?! Whose it going to hurt?!"

"I'll tell you who! Cadance and I!" Shining Armor snapped. "Cadance will be viewed as desperate romantic which will her hurt her diplomatic relations, and I will be accused of fraternizing with, let's face it, a superior officer! Our reputations will be ruined."

Doctor Amora's first response was merely to roll her eyes.

"Well maybe if you just gave in then it would be better for everypony!" Doctor Amora snapped back. "You'd be able to get a good night's sleep and Princess Cadance could get her sanity back!"


"No butts mister!! No matter what, you've got a decision to make and you'd better make it soon!" She started to scribble on a piece of paper from a notepad. "Doctor's orders!! You need to relax and get plenty of sleep in or else you're gonna regret it! One more push and you 'Captain' are going to be very sick!" She ripped off the piece of paper and shoved it in the captain's mouth. "My bill."

Shining Armor was back in his room, he had ultimately decided to ignore his dream. Since when were dreams supposed to make sense anyways? But his thoughts drifted back to his visit with the doctor.

"Would it really be better if I just gave up?" he mused.

The light from the window seemed to be shining off of something in his room. Whatever it was, it was nailing him right in the eye. It was coming from his trophy case, specifically the frame from a photo of his. He smiled when he recognized the photo, it was when he first got promoted, he was shaking hooves with his predecessor Captain Steel Shield.

"He handed that job over to me with the utmost confidence." he remembered it fondly. His gaze went to another picture next to it, his graduation from the academy.

"I still can't believe I graduated with honors. I was such a string bean."

On the shelf below it was a plaque which read 'For upholding the very virtues of being a guard'. He couldn't help but smile slightly at that one, it was before he even got promoted. Then he thought back to some of the other guards, not all of them were up to his brand of snuff; he doubted he could find a successor worthy of his title. He had even stronger doubts he could find a guard who could perform his shield spell, the closest pony who ever came to close to mirroring it was Twilight and her specialty in magic probably helped.

When he really thought about it, he had actually achieved quite a lot before his promotion. Each and every challenge turning him in to a better protector for every success. And now that he was facing his latest obstacle he was having a panic attack? Like he had to just lay down and take it like some kind of inevitability?

"NO!!" he shouted to himself. "I've faced plenty of tougher challenges and still come out on top!"

He went to his closet and pulled out his guard armor.

"I have come too far and accomplished too much to merely just surrender to the whims of a princess."

He gave his helmet a thorough polishing before placing it on his head.

"I have too many ponies counting on me..." now fully dressed in his uniform, he gave himself a salute in the mirror. "To fail now."

Cadance had been walking and talking with Spitfire through the castle, she decided she needed a military outlook on her 'tactics' on Shining Armor.

"Yeah, you're still coming on way too strong. Why do you have such problems with dialing back? What's wrong with subtle flirting?"

"But I don't have time for subtlety, the time of the bet is almost up! Surely you can relate to where I'm coming from."

Spitfire gave her a confused look. "How so? I don't have a coltfriend!"

"Oh come on." Cadance rolled her eyes. "Everypony, knows you have Soarin whipped."

"I do not!" spat Spitfire. "If he was whipped then he'd actually do what I tell him to!"

The too shared a giggled but cut it short when they noticed Shining Armor approach them. Cadance smirked 'Maybe now I can get him to throw in the towel.'

"Hey Shiny, you ready to..."

Cadance was cut off as Shining Armor suddenly leaned in to her. Cadance's wings had popped out in surprise, her face was becoming redder and redder, he was so unbearably close to her.

Cadance's thoughts were going a mile a minute. 'He's so close. What's he gonna do?? Is he gonna kiss me? What's he going to do?!'

Then Shining Armor smirked and slowly backed away. His smirk only got bigger as he saw Cadance's jaw drop as he started to turn around.

"What was that?" Spitfire asked.

"I don't know..." Cadance's hair suddenly frizzed up standing on end, pointed in every direction. "But I think I liked it."

"Game on, 'Princess'." Shining Armor truly felt his smugness had been well earned.

This was when the bucket of soap water fell on him. He looked up to see the window washer Hayseed Turniptruck (A/N: always sounded more like Turn-Up-Truck to me but whatever) sitting on his propelled bench but without his bucket of window cleaner. "OOPSIE!! SORRY ABOUT THAT!!"

Shining Armor sent him a death glare as he shivered on the ground. The soapy liquid had been as cold as ice.

"Hey!!" Shining Armor shouted with a shudder. "You're supposed to be cleaning those windows on the OUTSIDE of the castle!!!"

"I KNOW THAT!" he shouted back louder than necessary. Shining Armor swore, the whole castle could hear him. "BUT THERE WAS A SPOT ON THE WINDOW I COULDN'T GET FROM THAT SIDE!!!"

Shining Armor was about to chew him out when without warning he let out a sneeze so powerful his helmet came flying off. Looking at his reflection in his helmet he saw that ice cold liquid was straw that broke that his body's back. He was going to have to probably stay in bed whether he liked it or not. He was already starting to look paler. "Uh-Oh!"

Cadance: The Shining Armor Chaser p8
Songfics. Never again...unless I have someway to write the notes down. On the plus side I am closer to finishing this story than ever before. I do admit, I gotta little silly with this chapter even if it did get longer than what I was originally aiming for. I'm also upping the rating to Teen just to be on the safe side. Next chapter, Shining Armor's Sick Day.

The day had gone downhill rather quickly for Shining Armor, somehow (he couldn't be sure but he had a pretty good guess) mistletoe was being hung all over the castle. Needless to say this raised many awkward situations with various ponies, especially considering it wasn't anywhere close to Hearts And Hooves Day or Hearth's Warming Eve.

He even had to order most of the guards to take them all down, he was currently on his way with a squadron to the ballroom where it was reported the majority was being hung.

Approaching the double doors the room he turned to give his troops a pep talk.

"Soldiers, somepony has hung mistletoe throughout the castle, the vast majority being in this room before us. With the Grand Galloping Gala quickly approaching we cannot afford for foreign dignitaries to get caught under them, otherwise it could cause an international incident. Understood?!"

"Sir! Yes, Sir!!" The soldiers saluted in unison, ever vigilant.

Shining Armor opened the door for them, as they passed by him his thoughts drifted back to his get together with Cadance.

'Why can't I get her out of my head? She's still the same old Cadance but...something is different now...'

"Shining Armor,"

He jumped a little higher than he would have liked to admit, but he quickly turned to see Cadance behind him.

"Cadance, I hope you're not here to try something."

"Actually I wanted to talk to you about the troops. They seem to be a very tight unit."

He smiled. "Oh thank you, that's actually because of me. I tried some new drills with them which really seemed to pay off."

"It shows. You've had quite the impact on them."

Shining Armor couldn't stop his smile, he was having a pleasant conversation with Cadance without the subject of love. "I'm really happy you know. I thought for sure you'd have try to pull something by now."

"Actually..." Cadance blushed and sheepishly pointed towards the ceiling, looking up Shining Armor saw mistletoe hanging above them.

"You..YOU...You set me up!"

"Sorry Shiny, I promise it will only be a peck this time."


The guards swarmed towards Shining Armor and formed a defensive perimeter around him.

Cadance wasn't just surprised by Shining Armor's resourcefulness, she was impressed. To get them to perform so quickly and effectively he must have really cracked the whip on their training.

She brought a hoof to her chin, how was she supposed to get past these guards? A bad girl smirk crossed her face as the answer came to her.

She cleared her throat. "Ahem. As a Princess of Equestria, I hereby order all of you to take the rest of the day off."

They didn't need to be told twice, the guards quickly dispersed, dropping their weapons, saying things like "Sounds good to me." and "Good luck, Captain. I hope you have fun."

Shining Armor looked almost heartbroken as his guards left him alone completely defenseless against his self appointed love interest.

The grumbled word "Traitors" escaped his lips.

"Now Shiny, all I'm asking for is a peck..."

"I don't believe you!!" he snapped.

Cadance playfully folded her hooves (A/N: Hooves! Ugh!! Be so much easier if they had hands) so a little square hole appeared in the middle of them. "Laser lips closing in on target!"

"Laser lips?!"

"Well not really, I'm only playing."

Shining Armor let out a sigh of relief.

"I am going to kiss you though."

Shining Armor immediately tried to get out of Cadance's 'line of fire' but she was following him with her 'bullseye'.

"Come on Cadi, cut it out!!"

"Beep! Beep! Target getting closer!"

"Cadance this isn't funny!!"

"I'm just trying to get you to lighten up a little! Beep! Beep! Beep!!"

Shining Armor suddenly felt something behind him and saw he was backed in to a corner. "Cadance, knock it off already!"

Her response was a mere giggle. "Target locked!"

Shining Armor started to panic, he needed to think of something quickly. He had it! In a bright flash, Shining Armor's shield bubble was up keeping him from Cadance. "Ha! I outsmarted ya, how are you going to get to me now?"

Cadance rubbed her chin in thought. "How indeed..." she mumbled to herself. She had to admit, that was a pretty good move. How could she kiss him if she couldn't get at him?

The answer came to her in a flash of brilliance. She closed her eyes tight focusing her magic, in a pink flash she disappeared.

Shining Armor frowned, he looked all around the room but Cadance just simply wasn't there.


In another flash of pink light, Cadance front of Shining Armor...inside his shield bubble...which was only intended to have enough room for himself.

"Oh. Nose to nose. Wasn't exactly planning this but I'm not really complaining either."


"I wonder if we could fog this thing up?"


"I'm only joking, Captain Serious."

"Did you ever stop to think that maybe I don't want this?!"

"If that were true than you wouldn't really be blushing right now, now would you?"

The shield finally dropped and Shining Armor stumbled back.

"You know you want us together just as badly as I do. So why don't you just give in?"

"Because...Because you're lovesick!!" Shining Armor quickly ducked around Cadance and darted off.

"Lovesick?" Cadance repeated. "I think the proper term here is lovestruck!"

(A/N: Okay, I know one of you was very very very very against the idea of a songfic chapter. But this is a fic about ponies who sing in the actual show. If you can't get with that I suggest you find a different franchise.)

Shining Armor dashed in to the garden coming to a stop on the stone bridge above the duck pond.

'I'm living the life that I've always wanted.'

Shining Armor looked down at his reflection but jumped when he thought he saw Cadance next to him.

'But with Cadance's advances I can't help but feel like I'm being haunted.'

He let out a sigh of relief when he saw she wasn't there. However, his ears started to twitch at the noise of wings flapping in the air. Thinking quickly he looked up only to flinch at sight above him.

'A princess has me in her sights!'

Cadance dove down at Shining Armor from the sky, a heart shaped bullseye covering her right eye as she shot giant hearts at him.

'Now I have to dodge her both during the day and Luna's night!'

Shining Armor quickly dove behind a bush to dodge his would be lover.


'Lovestruck!' Cadance sang back.

'What can I do? Shining Armor ran back in to the castle. 'How do you stop a princess from falling in love with you?!'

The scene changes and Cadance and Shining Armor and sitting on a couch.

"As the Princess of Love," Cadance sang. "I always know exactly who is in a pony's heart," Cadance scooted closer to him and Shining Armor scooted a little farther away. "And the love that he has I feel is so big that I never want to part!"

As she scooted closer again he found himself falling off the couch to try and get away from her.



"There's nothing I can do!"

Cadance threw her arms around Shining Armor's neck. At first he rolled his eyes at her, but then when he tried to get her arms off of him he found she wouldn't budge. He tried a little harder but still nothing, he was trying frantically now but it was to no avail.

A giant heart came up from the bottom of the screen changing the scene.

"But if his love is one that I want to keep,"

Cadance looked down at him from a balcony and blew him a kiss, however, his response to it was nothing but a dutiful salute. Cadance gritted her teeth and hit the railing out of frustration.

"then he needs to admit it's mutual by end of the week!!"

Cadance held her head with worry when she saw just how much time had passed on the calendar. It was coming down to the wire now.

"But even when I corner him in a room that's locked..."

Cadance had Shining Armor cornered at his desk. She leaned across it, fluttering her eyelashes at him, making him lean back in his chair.

"This stallion remains a rock!"

She closed her eyes and puckered up for a kiss, but when she only felt air she opened them to see window behind Shining Armor's now spinning chair was opened.



"Both of our reputations are on the line!" Shining Armor sang. "Her cute persistence is really putting me in a bind!"

Shining Armor turned around the corner coming literally face to face with the Princess of Love. Practically nose to nose, both were frozen in place with a blush until Cadance smirked at him.

"I try to escape her feeling which make me red!"

Fluttering her eyelashes at him, his eyes quickly darted to the corner where he saw a couple of ponies gossiping about them.

"But no matter what I try..."

Shining Armor dashed off down the hallway, locking himself inside his office.

"she's always just step ahead!"

He turned around and there was Cadance yet again. However, she looked different from when he just saw her. Her hair was done up fancy, her eyelashes seemed longer than usual, and she seemed to be wearing eye shadow.



The door to Shining Armor's office got knocked down as he raced out.

"I know that I can win and prove to him our love is not a sin."

Cadance calmly chased after him at a relaxed speed.

"I know deep down inside that I am fated to be with him."

She picked a random corner and waited patiently for her panicked beloved.

"No matter how much he struggles I wanna hold him tight."

The speeding Shining Armor saw that somehow Cadance was right in front of him with her arms spread eagle for a hug. There was no time for a turn and he was desperately trying to stop but it was to no avail.

"Because I just can't let him go without a fight!!"

She wrapped her arms around him snuggled in to his neck but when he tried to slip away she pulled him in to her embrace firmly.

Meanwhile, up in the clouds, Soarin was sitting on cloud watching the duet down below, bobbing his head to the music.

"Soarin!!" a voice hollered.

"Huh? Oh, hey Spitfire."

"Don't you 'Hey Spitfire' me! You were supposed to meet me an hour ago for cloud busting!"

"Yeah I know, but it's just cloud busting..." Spitfire looked shocked for a moment but it quickly faded away as she started to burn holes in Soarin's oblivious head with her stare. "And then Captain Shining Armor and Princess Cadance starting singing this really catchy duet that I just had to...YOW!!!"

Soarin was cut off as Spitfire, his commanding officer, bit his ear.

"Slacking off on the job..." Spitfire said through gritted teeth. "Just to hear a song?!" She started to drag him through the air by ear. "You'll be lucky if you can hear anything when I'm done with you!!"

Soarin couldn't protest. He couldn't argue either. All he could do was go along with Spitfire to minimize the damage being done to his ear.

"Ow! Ow!! The ear!!! Ow! Ow!!"


Cadance pulls out a guitar from behind her back and starts to play. "You can love almost anyone, it's happy and it's free..."

"CADANCE!!!" Shining Armor roared. "We are NOT doing a crossover!! Do you understand me?!"

"Fine!" Cadance lowered her eyelids halfway and threw the guitar away behind her where it promptly shattered with a loud 'TWANG'. "It's kind of cheaty anyways."

Cadance: The Shining Armor Chaser p7

You get bonus points if you recognize where Cadance's Omake song comes from. I apologize for the long wait but you will not BELIEVE the technical difficulties I've been having!! First the internet explorer quits on me, then microsoft word breaks down, then firefox decides continuously and randomly completely peters out on me. And then the cherry on top, internet keeps disconnecting on me. But it's finally done at last...



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Well the sequel is up so that means the poll is over. And thanks to Free Premium Membership Day we actually have a winner. My next BIG story I will work Cadance the Shining Armor Chaser (seriously I need a better title). It was close, but it won by one vote. I will start working on that story after I get done with a series of One Shots I want to get out of the way

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